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Alaska Floats & Skis
Alaska Floats & Skis

We will be training on the many remote and beautiful lakes that surround the base at Christiansen Lake (AK-8) in Talkeetna. 20,320 foot Mt. McKinley will dominate the sky line as you fly in this beautiful area.

Training will involve 2 days flight and 6 hours ground with the check ride on the 3rd day. It is not uncommon to stop and catch a trout during our flight training, or see moose & grizzly bears on the river. Check out your accommodations on the Lodging page.

Airplane Single Engine Sea. Commercial or Private. This includes: 3 nights Lodging, A/C & Instructor, check ride is additional.

Call 907-733-4500
Or send an email to: don@alaskafloats.com